A downloadable game for Windows

What happens when angels fall from the skies? 

Taking place in a land where dragons have fought before and may fight again, Angels, Magic and Dragons (AMAD) brings you into the world of peaceful town Mikizu. Just when the town is thriving peacefully, what new havoc does a blue-haired stranger seek to wreck? What magic does the blue jem have?

This is the demo version of AMAD. The game is currently in-development. Please give your support by trying out the game and telling us what you liked and disliked!

Currently Unsupported:

  • Uriel's face expressions
  • Beyond Quest #01
  • Pyramid Dungeon
  • Adding Ariel to party
  • Weapon/Armor shop
  • Affection events (via Character Book)
  • Ariel's face expressions
  • Leliel's face expressions
  • Land of Darkness (Top left of map)
  • Land of Light (Bottom right of map)
  • ... and more stuff!


  • In Search of Immortality: Ellis sprites as Prince Raphael

Much thanks to In Search of Immortality for being an inspiration. Two weeks?! I tried but failed, and this much was after tossing it aside for a year or two and then coming back to sort it out. I'm glad that I managed to make it to a demo release, it has been a lot of work for a newbie developer like me. I hope these ISOI gods forgive this non-artist for using their character sprites Ellis. I love Ellis' sprites so so soo very much. <3 Thank you for your awesomeness.

Install instructions

Self-extracting exe. Download and run. 

AMAD_demo.exe: Download and run. 

AMAD_demo_no-rtp.exe: Download Run Time Packages (RTP) for RPG Maker VX Ace to run the game. RPG Maker VX Ace RTP Save disk space if you already have RTP.


AMAD_demo.exe 190 MB
AMAD_demo_no-rtp.exe 3 MB


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